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  • How to Remove Red Wine From Carpet

    January 4, 2020
    how to remove red wine from carpet

    It’s your worst nightmare. You were sitting on the couch enjoying a nice glass of red wine when suddenly your wine glass knocks over, leaving a hideous stain on your once beautiful carpet. You immediately enter into panic mode.

    You’re not sure how to remove red wine from carpet or where to even begin. 

    You’re scurrying around trying to find the perfect tool to get the stain out before it can get any worse. But in the moment, you’re not sure what to use to get the job done the right way. Do you pour something on the stain to help remove it?

    Do you rent a carpet cleaner just for one spot on the carpet? What’s the first step to take? 

    Take a deep breath in, and release. We’re here to tell you exactly how to remove that red wine from your carpet without the use of harsh chemicals. Continue reading below for everything you need to know about removing red wine processes that actually work!

    The Blotting Method

    Before learning anything else about cleaning a red wine stain from your carpet, first, you need to understand the blotting method. When the wine spills, you might feel tempted to begin scrubbing your carpet. However, this isn’t your best option as scrubbing it will only cause the stain to move deeper into the carpet.

    Instead, use the blotting method, which involves using a white cloth or rag to blot the top of the stain until you get out as much of it as you can. The more of the stain that you can blot out, the less amount of stain that you’ll need to remove afterward.

    Once no more stain comes up, put a small amount of cold water on the stain and begin blotting again. This dilutes the stain and makes the blotting process easier. After blotting the stain, you can then try several different natural ways to remove the stain from the carpet.  

    The Salt Method

    Blotting will get a lot of the stain out, but not all of it. To finish removing the stain, you can pour salt onto it while it’s still wet. Don’t hesitate to use a good amount of salt on the stain. 

    Let the salt fit for a few hours. As it sits on the stain, the salt will draw the moisture and the stain out of the carpet. This works best if the stain is wet, so if it’s not, put a bit of water on the stain first and then add the salt.

    If possible, let the salt sit overnight. When you see the salt turn a pinkish color, then you know it’s doing its job. Don’t attempt to vacuum the salt until everything is completely dried. You should also remove any salt that you can by hand or spoon first before vacuuming the remaining salt.

    The Baking Soda Method

    Baking soda is another great way to lift a red wine stain out of your carpet. For the baking soda method, you’ll want to add cold water to the stain right after you’re done blotting it. Take a dry cloth and then continue blotting again until no more stain comes out.

    You’ll then need to create a baking soda paste. Do this by mixing together 3 parts baking soda and one part water. Mix together until it forms a paste. 

    Apply the paste to the carpet where the stain is and let it sit until dry. Once dry, you can then vacuum it up. 

    Rug Cleaning and Pickup

    Although these methods work well for an immediate course of action, nothing works as well as calling in the professionals. If your red wine spilled on a rug, the Safe-Dry method will ensure that your rug is cleaned properly without using any harsh chemicals. 

    Offering free pick-up and delivery, your rug can even be picked up and cleaned at the facility for better deep cleaning. Safe-Dry is a professional process of cleaning rugs and carpets that’s natural and doesn’t cause damage. This process is ideal compared to steam cleaning or using a shampooer that places chemicals in the fabric. 

    Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning

    Rugs aren’t the only things that can be cleaned using the Safe-Dry process. Unlike steam cleaners or shampooers, the Safe-Dry process uses no chemicals and very little water. Your carpet will be restored to a like-new condition and you won’t have to worry about moisture becoming trapped under your carpet. 

    When using the Safe-Dry process, your carpet will be dry within the hour. This process also helps keep your carpets looking cleaner longer as there’s no soap left behind to form a sticky residue. Safe-Dry uses an all-natural, soap-free, hypo-allergenic cleaning process. 

    With the help of carbonation, dirt and stains are lifted up out of your carpet with low moisture. It’s a wonderful step to take either after trying to clean the stain yourself or as soon as the stain happens. 

    We Know How to Remove Red Wine From Carpet Safely and Efficiently! 

    Don’t let an accident ruin your day! We know how to remove red wine from carpet using a safe and efficient technique. If your home has small children or pets living there, then you’ll want to avoid using any harsh chemicals on your carpets. 

    Instead, use the Safe-Dry process! You can click here to schedule an appointment online today and ensure that your red wine stain is removed the right way!

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